Here we have collected some useful answers to frequently asked questions. They are divided into two section based on their relevance: FAQs that most likely interest Students/Applicants, and FAQs that more likely awake interest in Collaborating Companies.

  • What are the start and end dates of ITP?

    The program dates for 2018 are May 28th – August 31st.

  • Where will the lectures be held?

    The lectures take place at the Aalto University School of Business Töölö campus close to the city centre of Helsinki.

  • What does the program cost?

    The tuition fee for the 3 month program is 2900€.

    ITP is free of charge for tuition waiver students, who are students from Aalto University, students from Finnish universities under the JOO agreement and students from Aalto University School of Business partner institutions under a current exchange agreement.

  • What qualifications do you look for in an applicant?

    A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree student studying at Aalto University, a Finnish university or Aalto University partner institution with at least 60 ECTS accomplished of the Bachelor’s degree.

  • Is ITP limited to specific major studies?

    We do not specify which majors are most suitable, as we acknowledge that terrific talent may arise from the most unexpected places. Motivation and interest towards ITP however is a must.

  • Can I work during the ITP?

    ITP requires full-time commitment. Due to the company project the daily workload is 8 to 11 hours throughout the summer. We strongly recommend NOT working during your studies on ITP.

  • I am a student from XXXX University, can I apply to ITP?

    Yes you can apply, please check our tuition fees.

  • I am a student from a University of Applied Sciences (AMK), can I apply to ITP?

    Yes you can apply, please check our tuition fees.

  • I am already in working life, can I apply to ITP?

    Yes you can apply, please check our tuition fees.

  • When are the courses lectured?

    Courses are lectured on weekdays between 9.00 and 12.30. The detailed timetable will be announced later.

  • Where can I get the recommendation for the JOO permission?

    Students applying according to the JOO agreement will have to get the recommendation for the JOO-permission from their own university’s office of studies. If your home university does not use the electronic JOO permission system, please attach the original copy of the recommendation (mandatory) to the ITP application. Aalto University School of Business Study Office does not provide the recommendations for students from other universities.

  • Can I take only one course from ITP?

    ITP is a program, which consists of four different courses, three lectured courses and one project course. Students can only participate to the whole program, not just in one individual course.

  • Is the attendance mandatory in ITP courses?

    Yes. Attendance is mandatory on courses and all other events arranged by ITP, excluding social events.

  • Does Aalto University School of Business provide scholarships or other financial aid?

    Aalto University School of Business does not provide any scholarships or other financial aid for ITP studies. Students are required to pay the books and other course materials. ITP will help exchange students with finding accommodation, if needed. However, the student pays the cost of the accommodation.

  • Does Aalto University provide housing if I do not live in Helsinki?

    Although Aalto University cannot make a promise of student housing for ITP applicants, ITP staff are more that happy to help students with finding accommodation in Helsinki.

  • I’m having technical difficulties with the online application portal. Who can help me?

    In case you are having a problem, please contact Project Manager Heini-Maari Kemppainen at

  • Can I update my application or correct an error after submission?

    Once you have submitted the application there is no way to update it afterwards. Please contact Project Manager Heini-Maari Kemppainen at for further instructions.

  • Is there anyone I can follow up with to check the status of my application or reiterate my interest?

    In all questions regarding application, doubts and concerns, please contact Project Manager Heini-Maari Kemppainen at

  • How soon can I expect to hear about the result of my application?

    Students from application round 1, who are accepted to ITP, will be notified no later than 14th February 2018.
    Application round 2 students will be notified by 11th April 2018.

  • If I am accepted to ITP, am I obliged to attend?

    Once offered a place on ITP, you will have time until 21st February 2018 (1st application round) or 18th April (2nd application round) to confirm your student place and attendance. After this it is no longer possible to drop out.

  • Will the ITP company projects be ready on time?

    Yes. ITP staff will coordinate the company projects and deadlines, so that the project is ready when the program ends.

  • Are the company projects public?

    If the company wishes to do the project under a NDA agreement, then NO. ITP does not publish or use any project related materials without permission from the company.

  • How can I participate as a company representative in ITP courses?

    Company representatives can participate in ITP courses according to the rules of the agreement between their respective companies and ITP. Please contact ITP Program Manager Laura Sivula ( for a participation agreement for your company.

  • Does the tuition fee include cost of travel and accommodation?

    No, the tuition fee does not cover cost of travel or accommodation in Helsinki.