Case Study: KELA

The Challenge

The goal of the project was to facilitate the process of connecting Kela’s customers with the right social security benefits, more concretely to create a benefit analysis service integrated to Kela’s eServices.

The Findings

At the moment the problem is that Kela’s customers feel insecure and unsure of the application process. They are not always sure, whether they have done everything right and submitted all necessary appendices.

The Solution

We designed a service where the user answers questions, and as a result gets to know which benefits the user is entitled to. We named our service the Benefit Helper (Etuusapuri).

The objective of this project is to help Kela’s customers to find the right benefits fast and easy online. The aim is that the customers would get a clear picture of the benefits they can apply for and that they would also submit the application online. This would speed up and reduce the work of Kela’s employees at the offices and make the application process more streamlined and pleasant for the customers.

At the moment the problem is that Kela’s customers feel insecure and unsure of the application process. They are not always sure, whether they have done everything right and submitted all necessary appendices. Also some specific terms Kela uses are difficult to understand and because the website has a massive amount of content, information is sometimes hard to find. This causes the need for extra customer service and use of the paper applications, since some people feel that the paper applications are more flexible.

As a solution to these problems, we created a customer oriented benefit analysis service prototype (Tarvekartoitustyökalu) called the Benefit Helper (Etuusapuri), which is designed with a mobile-first principle. The purpose of the service is to make the process of finding out which benefits to apply for more simple for the customers. We believe that this will also increase the volume of online applications.

Considering the wide customer range of Kela, it’s important that the service has a clear and simple user experience design, meaning that it’s as easy to use as possible. The service should also be motivating and rewarding to use in order to keep the user interested throughout the analysis process, so that the user will reach the final result. More concretely, our objective was to create an interactive model of the Benefit Helper, where the customer can find the benefits he/she is entitled to after answering a couple of questions. The service also offers links to the applications and calculators, where you can find out how much benefit you can actually get.


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The Team

Annina Lattu

Annina Lattu

Hi! I’m Annina Master student of Creative Sustainability in Aalto University School of Business and freelance consultant & producer. I’ve done my B.B.Sc. in Turku School of Economics marketing as major and have been working in the fields of culture, fashion and digital marketing. The ITP case with Kela has been a thrilling, massively inspiring and insightful opportunity. It has been an honour to be part of Team Lawrence and I hope you’ll find our blog posts and other material on the case interesting and insightful.

Topi Lehtonen

Topi Lehtonen

Hello! I’m a second year student from Aalto University of Business majoring in Business Technology. I’ve been an orienteer for two thirds of my life with a lot of enthusiasm on all things digital. I’m a self-learned visualist and I’ve worked as an art director at our student association as well.

Elina Hienonen

Elina Hienonen

Hey! I’m Elina, a business student from Aalto University. I’m majoring in Management and International Business and ITP will be my minor in my Master’s Degree. I’ve learned a lot of new skills this summer, which will definitely be useful in the future. Developing this service for Kela has been fascinating, exciting and taught me a lot. In my free time I like to do sports, cook and relax at my family’s summer cottage.

Iiro Leino

Iiro Leino

Hey! I’m a student of Social Public Policy on loan from the University of Helsinki. I have a previous degree in social sciences and most of my working background is in that field, with slight detours in media. In the last few years I’ve developed a serious interest in service design, so the project was like tailor-made for me. We had a great team and I think that definitely shows in the end result.