Case Study: Ilmarinen

The Challenge

The challenge was to research if robotic process automatization could help customer service agents in their data retrieval and input process and through that improve customer experience.

The Findings

Findings of the study showed that out of the 40+ tools customer service agents have in their possession, only about dozen are used daily. It was also worth noting, that service agents handling either pension or insurance contacts used different tools.

The Solution

The project team made a concept of a single interface, under which software robots retrieve data from relevant tools and systems. The interface would also allow data input into these different tools simultaneously.

Army of robots.

During the project, the team researched different technical solutions to decide, whether software robotics even is the best solution. To understand, how the customer service agents are using the tools currently, project team made an in-house study of customer service agents daily work that included a questionnaire, both solo, and group interviews and observation.

During in-house research, team figured out that by streamlining service agents work, they could shorten both call time and time needed for follow-up work after the call which would then lead to better service. Service agents were also given an opportunity to describe and draw what their “dream interface” would look like. Team’s final proposal was based on the research made with the current employees as well as on the best practices from similar projects.

In order to learn about RPA-process, team reviewed the literature and benchmarked both RPA-developers and consulting companies who help with the implementation process. After their research, team came up with best practices for implementation.

The Team

Amit Maharjan

Amit Maharjan

Amit Maharjan, 2nd year Information Security and Cryptography (Networked Systems Security) Master’s Degree Student from University of Turku. Worked as Digital Marketer for Interested in enterprise architecture, future technologies, startups, digital nomad lifestyle.

Elias Hoffrén

Elias Hoffrén

I am a 3rd year Business Technology Bachelor’s Degree Student from Aalto Business School, minoring in finance. I have worked in customer service positions in telemarketing and Casino Helsinki. My interests include new technologies and computing.

Mikael Paani

Mikael Paani

1st year Information Service Management Master’s Degree Student from Aalto Business School. Working as a Data Specialist in customer support in the mobile games company Supercell. Follows disrupting technologies, gadgets, customer experience topics and mobile games.