Case Study: Hybe

The Challenge

Our team was tasked to create an engaging and approachable user experience for the Hybe mobile application, a key element of Hybe’s online presence. Our main deliverable was an interactive prototype, including visuals for all the pages of the app as well as a system to navigate around it. The prototype also needed to convey the look and feel of Hybe’s brand as necessary to wow users.

The Findings

For example, offline activities and networking are key activities for an aspiring worldly media, while there is no room for mistakes and omissions in social media, user experience or content. Above all, advertising should not be favored over service design. In order to attract users on a daily basis, a modern digital service requires ‘sticky features’ that lures the user in from day to day.

The Solution

The teams developed a holistic action plan based on the market and competition research and developed user personas. Digital entertainment trends and tools were carefully studied and utilized to create a differentiated concept for the media and its mobile application. Finally, a working interactive prototype was created for Hybe, accompanied by brand guide to be used as an internal tool.

Hybe is a digital media production startup based in Helsinki. It aims to become a leading new lifestyle media platform in the startup world by changing coverage of the scene to become more approachable for newcomers and move away from current trends in startup media, such as focusing on overly specialist financial or technical information.

Over the summer, our team created a concept and interactive prototype for the Hybe mobile application. Special emphasis was put on creating an approachable and engaging user experience and a distinct sticky new media feature that would keep users coming back to the app. In practice, this meant fine-tuning the pre-determined Hybe customer research materials, creating a holistic concept including these features, and designing an app that portrays these choices.

We started the project by conducting research into four potential user persona types that would act as early adopters for the application: Emma the student, Mark the professional, Leanne the trendsetter and Ville the startup native. Secondly, we created the holistic concept for Hybe and especially its mobile application. Thirdly, we developed a working interactive prototype of the Hybe app, both translating the concept into reality and conveying the desired look and feel of the brand to the users. Lat, we created a brand guide for Hybe to use as an internal tool.

The Team

Katya Makarova

Katya Makarova

Katya is a second year Master's student with a passion for elegant service concepts, great business ideas and beautiful visuals. Thanks to being curious about people Katya never misses an opportunity to ask various victims tricky questions about every detail of their lives.

Chitrak Mitra

Chitrak Mitra

Chitrak is a first year Masters’ student in Economics, although his course load has yet to reflect this. Instead, he takes part in every service and product design course and challenge he sets his eyes on. He is especially focused on media production, interaction and UI/UX design.

Mikko Jauhiainen

Mikko Jauhiainen

Mikko is a final year Master's student in marketing with special focus on business concept feasibility and monetisation. When not staring at Trello boards and optimizing Scrum, Mikko is an avid footballer and always has his eye on the startup scene.