Case Study: City of Espoo

The Challenge

To design a user-friendly and user oriented digital prototype tool for business model designing. The digital version to be created was based on a paper tool called Kuntakanvas, which is aimed for municipal sector activity management.

The Findings

The main purpose for the tool and challenges to be solved were identified around project planning and collaboration. Aspects such as setting goals and objectives, seeing the big picture and having no common tools for activity planning were addressed together with need for collaboration opportunities between departments, inside teams and with stakeholders.

The Solution

A clickable prototype of an online tool called Kuntakanvas which helps users to better plan and manage their activities. The tool allows users to plan their activities in the present and future states, which helps them better predict future changes and prepare for them early on.

Plan Better Activities - Now and in the Future

Kuntakanvas is a modified Business Model Canvas that enables designing business models in the urban environment. Kuntakanvas is targeted mainly to the municipal workers of Espoo and the main aim is to make planning and managing the city’s services and activities easier. The tool enables the user to form an understanding of the activity’s bigger picture and to address future challenges and possibilities early on in the planning phase.

The team focused on designing an intuitive and clear user interface and user experience for the tool. By benchmarking and conducting user testing of similar tools, the team got a lot of insight on how to design a suitable experience and interface for Kuntakanvas. The team considered different types of users and the concept provides assistance and facilitation for less experienced ones.

The Team

Oona Anttila

Oona Anttila

I am a first year master student in Creative Sustainability, a joint programme at Aalto University. I did my B.Sc. in Turku School of Economics with International Business as my major. My passion is sustainability and I have been working in the fields of sustainable design, business research and film production.”

Anastasia Ivanov

Anastasia Ivanov

I am a multi-discipline designer, specializing in Industrial Design and Graphic Design, with experience in Retail Design, User Research, Marketing and other fields. My aim is to solve challenges with artistic and empathic approach, and to find user-friendly solutions for every stage of design process.”

Tiina Roine

Tiina Roine

I like to explore the world from different perspectives. That’s one reason why I’ve taken courses in a few different universities. For the most part I’ve studied my bachelor and master studies in the Department of Food and Environmental Sciences in University of Helsinki, majoring in human nutrition.”