Mamiiiii it’s oveeeeer


So guys, now it’s over. No more busy days in HUB or ITP class.


There are so many things to tell you, but we decided to make it short: our summer with numbers:  

Ice cream reviews: 11

To-dos in basecamp: 109

Times we mentioned the following words in our final report:

“Data”: 178

“Verohallinto”: 244

“Social media”: 334

and countless hours of working (we lost count after the first week).


And finally, our last ice cream review. Because this was our last one, we wanted to make it more special. So we ended up wandering around Helsinki and finally stopped in front of Ciao caffe where we chose a wide selection of different flavours (chocolate, salty licorice, strawberry and mudcake). Ice cream was so good that we almost forgot that this is going to be our last review.  We started to go through the whole summer and were unanimous that we were so lucky because we ended up in the same team. (And now my team members can sigh because they don’t have to wait anymore me finishing my food).











Team Justice League wants to thank everyone for making this summer unique. Especially,  we want to thank Verohallinto who gave us a really interesting and educational project and of course we want to thank ITP staff for making participating in this amazing program possible.



Justice League