Full circle


Here we are, right where we began. As Biker Mice from Mars historians know, our very first ITP blog in June included a picture of the three of us in front of the Alko flagship store after our first fieldwork of the summer. This week, we had our final meeting at the Alko offices a few floors up from the flagship store, and immortalised the event with another group picture. We presented our final findings and recommendations, and then retreated back to Töölö for three and a half days of exile (a.k.a. finishing the writing and layout of the final report) before it’s all over. Indeed, this week is truly the end of ITP, though Biker Mice from Mars will of course go on.

We would like to again thank our inspiring instructors, our encouraging coordinators, our Laura, and our talented classmates. It has been a great summer and we can’t wait to see everyone again at ITP alumni events, around the school, around the world, and all the way to Mars.


Can you tell modelling and image composition are not part of the SED curriculum? 😅

Strategy & Experience Design

Strategy & Experience Design (SED) track is designed to provide students with an understanding of basic methods for producing and designing digital media products and services, concept and design processes, and strategic decisions related to digital media. The courses and business projects conducted during the summer are focusing on strategic design processes, user experience design and visual prototyping in…