Coordinators 2018 over and out!


The Information Technology Program of 2018 ended a bit over a month ago, and now it has come time for us project coordinators to pack our bags and head to new adventures as well. With bittersweet feelings, we wanted to take a last look at our amazing year.

As ITP Program Director Laura Sivula put it, you need to be a bit of an ITP fanboy or -girl to succeed as a coordinator. It’s safe to say that we were all fans after our own summer as ITP students in 2017, so we were eager to join the staff team in January and make 2018 as great as the previous year!

What we loved about working at ITP is the versatility of the job. While we were striving to create a great summer for the students at this multidisciplinary program, we got to experience all sorts of tasks from project sales to event management and evaluating the student teams’ deliverables. It was a unique experience to see the whole journey of the projects. From the first (nervous) cold calls and negotiations with the partner companies, we watched the projects grow as the students took over. With some coaching from us, the final solutions started to form.

Following the teamwork itself was equally exciting. We started our work with the students by marketing and recruiting the participants for the summer. We formed teams with careful consideration for the skills and motivations of each student, as well as the demands of each project. Then came the best part: seeing how we’d managed, and how the team members would get along and succeed in their challenges.

In the end, our students developed 16 great concepts during the summer. We are super proud of them, and were delighted to hear that our customers are happy, too. One of the company representatives commented that “The project work was very mature and well thought out. The students understood the requirements and scope of the project well, and the end result exceeded our expectations.” The student feedback was great, too, with 94% saying that they would recommend ITP to a friend.


So, a huge heartfelt thank you to all of our students and partner companies who made the summer a success! Also, we can’t thank Laura Sivula and Heini-Maari Kemppainen enough for being great colleagues, team members and sources of advice and inspiration!


The coordinators,

Jukka Alestalo, Laura Kitinoja & Leena Tasala